Foundation Savers provides the absolute best in professional services and experience. We offer the best foundation repair solutions in the industry. We are foundation savers.

  • Foundation Repair

    Foundation Repair

    Are you seeing cracks in the sheetrock? Are your doors not closing quite right? See the bricks separating on the side of the house?

  • Moisture Systems

    Moisture Systems

    A moisture injection system supplies a controlled amount of water through porous pipes buried around the perimeter of your foundation.

  • House Leveling

    House Leveling on Blocks

    Foundations settle over time. Even brand new houses experience some movement of the foundation. We level houses on blocks and do structural wood replacement to insure the levelness.

  • Root Barriers

    Root Barriers

    Without a root barrier, tree roots can cause problems to sidewalks, driveways, and even your home's slab.

  • Tunneling Services

    Tunneling Services

    We do tunneling for house leveling and plumbing problems. This service is an alternate for not going through expensive flooring.